F*** 70m² Ferienwohnung Haus Maria
F***  70m²  Ferienwohnung Haus Maria

The terrace/balcony
(South-west side

Area of entrance
for sun worshippers at midday and for romantics at dawn with candle light.

Everyone will enjoy.

Offers a great view of the closeby forest, that makes the place idyllic in the morning and in the evening.

Beneath there is the parking lot, a garden with BBQ and seating.

For Children we have: Swing, sand box, bobby, games, badminton ...


The Living/dining room with kitchen

A place for cosy get-togethers, to eat and play games.

For family: On request - playpen for the kids

The kitchen

Here you´ll find everything you need to prepare a lovely meal in little space.
- Sink
- 4 hotplates
- fridge with freezer
- coffee machine (pad or normal)
- microwave
- egg cooker
- Toaster for those who like it crunchy

- Dishwasher

- Baby bottle warmer

Plates, pots, cups, glases, cuttlery, chopping boards etc. for up to 6 persons


And in case you´re missing something, feel free to let us know. We´ll close the gap if possible.

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