F*** 70m² Ferienwohnung Haus Maria
F***  70m²  Ferienwohnung Haus Maria

We are a small

child-friendly and

animal-friendly family
- The kids:
      Mona 17 years
      Niko 15 years
- my partner Stefan Schmidt 47 years 
- I, Maria Grass 47 years 

and our pets.  

We live in the main builing beneath the holiday home.


The history of our holiday home:

2007, as many people were ringing the bell to ask if we had a room for rent, we decided to start running a holiday home.

We arranged the rooms with furniture, beds, towels and other things, that would make a stay in this flat as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The guests, that were few in the beginning, all felt very comfortable. And with the years we have improved a lot...


At first the guests had to entry through the main building. In the summer 2009 we built a seperate entry with en enlarged balcony. That went down well. A seperate parking lot for our guests came into being in the summer of 2010. That´s very beneficial during the winter months as we have a lot of snow.

Up to this day we had the pleasure to welcome people from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France,  Israel
and even  Texas to our home. It is a wonderful feeling to see our guests happy and content. We speak German and a little bit English. Sometimes that wasn´t enough, so we had to communicate with hand and feet, which went surprisingly well...


We have now opened the apartment on 15/04/2011 completely renovated.
It is now also a guestbook, you can scroll by you and, hopefully, your entry will be left.

We have also set up a small house rules, this is the solution to the Flyer around St. Blaisen.


In this way we are thanking our faithful guests, people travelling through an passing by for a short vacacion and all the others who we had the pleasure to accomodate in our home.


We gratefully accept commendation and are always open to critics and impulses or suggestions of change.

It´s the only way to meet the needs of our customers.

We as a family are looking forward to your visit!


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